I was meant to fly.

The first time I got a hold of a hang glider, I had to wing it.

Ha. See what I did there? 😉

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I bet you were wondering when I was going to check another thing off of my bucket list. Well the wait is over! Last Sunday a couple a friends of mine and I went to Clewiston, FL to go hang gliding.

I wanted to tell you about my experience and answer a couple of questions that have been asked when I tell people I went hang gliding.

How was it and were you scared?

It was a great experience. Since Florida doesn’t have any mountains or hills that we could fly off of, a plane had to pull us up into the air. Once we hit 4500 feet, the instructor let go of the rope that was pulling us and we just glided down to the ground. It was a very smooth ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it especially because I was able to look at the scenery.

No, I wasn’t scared.  Anything that has to do with flying or in the air doesn’t cause me to freak out or have any anxiety. I was actually telling a couple of friends that I don’t get a “rush” anymore. One thing on my list I am terrified of is bungee jumping but I am hoping that I am brave enough to do it at the end of the year in Africa.

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Did you like skydiving or hang gliding more?

The two are very different. I loved sky diving because it was more of a thrill and I got a rush when I was at the edge of the plane. When they push you off, you immediately start falling until they pull out the parachute. I didn’t get to enjoy the ride down as much because the harness was digging into my body. I loved hang gliding because it felt like I was flying and I was on top of the world. It was a very smooth ride which I was able to enjoy; it was nice having the cold air hit my face and the fact that I was able to touch the clouds was awesome!


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How much was it?

I bought this on Groupon. Originally it was $85.00 but there was a few days when it was $75.00. Luckily, there was an extra 20% off, so I ended up purchasing for $60.00. When we got there, the instructor told us it was for a 1,000 feet flight and it would last 6 minutes. I ended up upgrading it to a 4500 feet that would last about 22 minutes with pictures and videos included. At the end I paid about $250.00 but it was still a great deal, normally this would be about $500.00-$600.00. The gentleman there ended up giving us an extra 10% because one of the friends I was with was in the military.

How was the landing?

This was the part that “scared” me the most and by that, I mean it made my stomach turn for about a second. Surprisingly the landing was VERY smooth and it was not bumpy at all.

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I also want to add that the instructor Derek was phenomenal. He was very sweet and was talking to me throughout the whole flight. He talked about the hang glider, his experiences, what to expect, he was very knowledgable and made me feel completely safe and comfortable. He has been hang gliding for 38 years and has been all over the world!

Derek and a few other instructors mentioned some places that I have to go hang gliding like Colorado and Switzerland.Of course I had to add those to my list.

After hang gliding, my friends and I went to the Brass Tap in Boynton Beach because the Shark Addicts were going to be there getting ready for Shark Week to begin. Not only did I check off hang gliding off my list but I got to meet the Shark Addicts, get one of their numbers and get a free Local Brand hat. I would say last Sunday was a pretty awesome day for me. You can tell by the picture below I was super happy.


By the way, if you are thinking about doing something or checking an item off of your list, I suggest you pick a day and just go do it. I promise you will not regret it. Heck, f you don’t want to go by yourself and if I have the money I will probably tag along and do it with you! Seriously, though.

I hope that you do something fun and crazy this week! I love you all.


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