Best Friend at FIRST SIGHT..

I am sure many of you have had “Love at first sight”.

You see that girl or guy and are amazed and think to yourself… “I am going to marry her/him.” I know I have.

But have you ever seen someone and instantly thought, yeah that person is my best friend.

Before I learned about spirituality and soul connections, I always thought you needed to get to know a person for a good amount of time (but really… what counts as a good amount of time?). I thought that we needed to build trust and share so many experiences before I could call someone my BEST FRIEND.

ALSO, I have way more than ONE best friend. I have too many to count on my both hands.


After I took a break from a friendship in which we were not serving each other at that period of time, my dear friend Kellyanne walked into my life shortly after that.

Kellyanne was invited to a silent meditation at Pure Life from a friend of ours. When she walked in I thought she was so beautiful and when she spoke I could just hear how cool and amazing she was.

She ended up chatting with me at my desk for a little while and honestly I cannot remember exactly what we talked about. I do remember her being vulnerable and honest about her herpes and instantly I was proud of her.

I don’t recall when or how I said it but I told her, “Um, you are my BEST FRIEND.” She giggled and gave me a look of, yeah sure. But deep down inside I meant it.

She came back that evening for a lecture we were having and when I saw her, my eyes lit up. I started dancing and literally telling EVERYONE this was my new best friend.

I am sure people thought I was a bit crazy but it did not feel crazy to me at all.

I remember telling people about her before they even met her.

“OMG, this girl came into Pure Life, her name is Kellyanne and she is my best friend.”

I RARELY EVER, EVER dance the way I did with anyone. You must be super special to get me that giddy and excited.

Kellyanne and I met at the beginning of April. Her, two other souls sisters, and I got tattoos that same month. That’s how strong of a bond her and I have.




Kellyanne is my soul sister, my wife, my mom, all the above, and more. I am blessed and thankful that she walked into my life. She brings out a side of me that was hidden for so long.

She always says that I love her unconditionally but she’s the one that loves me unconditionally. I am not perfect and I know there’s more work and healing to do in my life but she’s right next to me, loving me through the process.


We are not sure how we are connected. We assume we’ve lived SEVERAL past lives together. Our bond and connection is so strong; I know we are soul mates.



Kellyanne teaches me everyday and she expands my mind and knowledge like no one else has. She teaches me to speak up, to set boundaries and to know my self-worth. She teaches me to not give a FUCK about what anyone thinks. She challenges me and she is the one that encouraged me to do 100 days of raw eating.


Kellyanne is also one of the most talented women I have ever met in my life. The old me would probably have gotten jealous of her gifts but I am proud and honor to know her. I get to learn and practice my creative side with her and it’s AMAZING.

  • She’s an artist of all kinds
  • She host paint classes!
  • She is organized and an engineer! (the way her mind works is incredible)
  • A great RAW VEGAN COOK!
  • She is a Holistic Herpes Coach



This is her page if you want to check her out!!!

THANK YOU GOD, UNIVERSE, LOVE for my amazing soul sister.

Lastly, Kellyanne, myself, Cara and Shaina will be hosting a workshop called Ignite Your Inner Goddess for the whole month of August. If you are interested and want more information be sure to send me a message.


The workshop consists of the following:

  • Tapping into your intuition and inner child
  • Resources from expert healers
  • Feminine empowerment
  • Compassionate communication techniques
  • Accessing your higher self
  • Weekly giveaways




I love you all!


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