My journey so far as a Doula

I just wanted to briefly share about my experience so far as a Doula, supporting mamas and families on this journey.

Now, I have only been a Home birth Doula for about six months and when I finished my training I had no idea that I would actually being doing this shortly after. As of this week, I have supported four mamas. FOUR! Sometimes I think so myself, AM I DREAMING? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?

The thing that I wanted to share is that every mother is different and unique. And every woman gets to share what her wants and desires are for her baby and her journey.

And something I have learned is that I am not here to save anyone. I am not here to tell someone what to do or what is best for them.

I am here to support and hold space for her. By listening, truly listening to what she is saying, to ask questions and dig deep into her deepest desires and to hold space if any fears/worries/concerns come up and work through them. Lastly, I am here to remind her that she is the one in power, she knows what is best for her and her baby, no one else.

My hesitation with becoming a Doula, was that I knew I would be radical and I wanted to work with women that knew their wisdom and power within them and tapped into their intuition. I knew I wasn’t going to be the Doula that held a mother’s hand the whole way, I wouldn’t do all the educating and teaching, I wasn’t going to be her savior. I was nervous that women wouldn’t align with me.

And there was a part of me that knew that women were looking for more of this. Women want to be heard, they want to be in their power, supported, they were born to give birth.

We, women have forgotten that our bodies were meant to give birth and don’t need the opinions and advice of others. We have birth at home for hundreds and hundreds of years with the support of Midwives, birth keepers, sisters, mothers, aunts, etc.

I know some women may feel safer at a hospital and if that’s truly what she believes is best for her, there is no questioning her.

I feel the most comfortable supporting women in their own home and that’s just my experience.

After supporting four beautiful mamas, I have learned so much. I have learned to feel confident in my skills of holding space. I am learning that each mama is different in the way she needs support and I am learning to begin sharing my passion of the postpartum period and sharing the importance of taking care of yourself and focusing on bonding with baby.

Another beautiful realization is that I am being me and I know what kind of mothers I would like to support and they are showing up. It’s flowing so beautifully.

I told myself I wasn’t just going to take anyone as a client. This isn’t about the money for me, this isn’t a business for me. The mother I support, I want it to be a friendship, a sisterhood and someone I feel comfortable being me around and same for her. Being a Birth/Postpartum Doula is a very magical and sacred space for me. The fact that women choose me to be their Doula, it’s a damn honor and privilege.

It’s a privilege to witness a mother give birth to her baby and watch her give birth to herself. I am learning the sacredness to this beautiful and powerful rite of passage.

Thank you Mothers for allowing me to be in your space. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

May I continue to hold space for you in a way that you feel loved, supported, heard, understood. I know I will make mistakes and I am open to growing and learning, forgiving myself and moving forward to become an even better Doula.

I will soon share in more details about each birth and what it has taught me. Ah, all births have been so heart opening.

I know I have lots more to say about being a Doula but I will save those for another day.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask me any questions. And if you know of any woman wanting support during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I am here.


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