My experience with MLM/Network marketing…

I wanted to share a different perspective on Network Marketing that can feel fresh and lighter. AND NO, I am not trying to sell you. I am not in any business, I’m actually not working. Well…. I am a Birth worker but I take clients as they come.

I also wanted to share my experience of being approached by people to join their company and even my experience being in a couple of them and how it was for me approaching people. Maybe even shade some light on how to respond back to people who are trying to get you to join.

ALOT has been coming up surrounding around money, what I value, what other people value and how that value is measured. Even other’s people’s perspective on money or businesses… positive and negative. It’s so interesting to observe what comes up in me and what comes up in others.

So I have been approached many times about different companies such as Herbalife, Monat, JuicePlus, Arbonne, Plexus, Beachbody, Doterra, Youngliving, etc.


The first one that I believe I was in… was Arbonne. I had no idea what MLM (Multi Level Marketing) was or what some… would call a Pyramid scheme. This is funny to me, I feel like the word scheme is saying that it’s secretive or deceiving. But it’s kind of like right in your face what their business plan is. You join and your “goal” is to get other people to join and then have them get people to join and then you make money.

Anyway, I remember briefly a friend trying to get me to host event parties where she would show the product. I knew I didn’t really use the product or loved it. Back then I didn’t know but something was telling me, “mmm you don’t really resonate with this product so let’s bail.” To be completely transparent, I had no idea that I entered the business, so I don’t really count this one. To be honest, I always forget that I joined Arbonne. (sorry Arbonne)

JuicePlus, it was more than the money!

SOOO I wanted to share the next business I entered because I really want to share that it was more than about money. Well at the beginning I wanted to make money but I realized that it was so much more than that.

An acquaintance at the time, Audra that I met through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition reached out to me one day, checked in on how I was doing and we briefly chatted. I believe she mentioned about a product or company she was in, JuicePlus and asked if I wanted to hear more. She sent me a video and at the time I remember not really feeling it or I didn’t respond right away. A few months later she reached out again and this time, I was feeling different about it. During the time I was deciding if I wanted to join, another girl approached me about joining DoTerra.

I met up with the girl sharing about DoTerra and I remember telling her I was thinking about JuicePlus and she asked me all these questions about the company and really questioned my decision. For some reason it broke me, I went into my car and cried, balled my eyes out (I’m really sensitive at times) but after some time, I was like WOAH, I don’t want to be on this girl’s team if that’s how she made me feel and it actually motivated me to say yes to JuicePlus and give it a shot.

Even though I am no longer with JuicePlus, I am happy I said yes because it made me realize and become aware of a few things. I am also super thankful that I joined Audra’s team because they had a real special and more authentic way of approaching the business.

First off they had a pretty well thought out and planned out training for the women coming in. One of the women that was above Audra actually also went to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and had the idea of providing more of a coaching approach to get to know people. Basically, you would seek, search and find people that resonated with you and you would message them but this team wanted you to create a relationship with the person you were chatting with. Ask them questions to get to know them and do this for a couple times before you would actually tell them or present the product.

So I noticed people get frustrated with people trying to sell them, I’ve seen memes making fun of this, and I had even felt irritated when people tell me about their product right away. I remember this one time a woman messaged me about her products, I was honest that I have been in this before but I asked if I could give her some feedback. I told her get to know the people you are reaching out to, ask about their day, their desires, their dreams, build trust and maybe they will be interested in learning more or say yes. If you get approached again, I suggest you kindly remind them to get to know you before they mention it to you.

AND!!!!! What I actually want to say is that I reached out to many, MANY people. And there were actually several people I created conversations with that I never actually presented the product too AND there were a few people that I actually met up with and gained a friendship from.

I remember I reached out to a woman that is vegan and asking about it since I recently became vegan, SHE asked if I wanted to get a juice one day with her. We met up and it was awesome, we met up for a second time a couple months after and she told me about this training she went to called Gratitude Training. So funny, because when she told me about it and then I found out the price I was like ahhhhh. I don’t know. But when I came back home, I tuned in into my resistance, that same resistance I felt when I wasn’t sure about JuicePlus and I was like wow, if I feel this come up, I know I have to say yes. I ended going to this training AND WOW the amount of healing and growth that came out of it BECAUSE I reached out to her thinking she could join the business. LOL We are still close friends and we have such deep healing conversations.

So even though people may be reaching out to you because of their product… I’m just saying it could be an opportunity to create friendships, connections, or something way cooler that you had no idea could be possible instead of viewing it so negatively and with so much frustration.

AUDRA! I cannot forgot to mention how we went from acquaintances to SOUL SISTERS. She knew that I didn’t really want to continue with JuicePlus and I wasn’t in love with the product, Shoot I was on this health journey so I didn’t actually want to provide this product to anyone. But we created this beautiful bond. I decided to attend this conference in Las Vegas with her and her team, really I was going their to see her and see Tony Robbins LOL.

Y’ALL. I am not kidding when I say when Audra and I met for the first time ever in Las Vegas it was magic. I have never ever seen so many angel numbers in my life and the time with her felt so fun, child like, lots of joy and laughter. I knew I had to say yes to going to this conference even knowing that I wasn’t staying with JuicePlus.

What blessings I gained from saying YES to JuicePlus

So joining JuicePlus taught me how to reach out to people, how to create relationships and keep asking deeper questions, it provided me with lifelong friendships, sisters that I had no idea were waiting for me, it brought me to a training that lead to a lot of healing and lead me to feel confident in myself.


This experience was also beautiful and healing.

Audra and I tuned into our hearts and realized JuicePlus was not where we wanted to be. She had mentioned that a couple of her friends were doing DoTerra. I knew that if I was going to try this again that it would have to be a product I believed in. So Audra and I decided that we wanted to join DoTerra and give that a shot. I am always so proud when I think back and see how we did what felt right for us.

We joined under her friend and now my friend Juli. Soon after we joined I realized that being in MLM for ME, was to much for my energy. The goal was to have people join but that didn’t feel right for me because I knew that one day I wanted to not work, I didn’t want life to be just about money, I wanted it to be about joy, fun, and trusting the abundance that flows within us all. I also knew that I liked essential oils but it wasn’t something that I was passionate about and completely believed in.

But what came out of it before I decided not to make it a business, was that Juli was actually coming to Florida for a conference and she made time to come see me and host a little event about oils. Only one friend showed but it was nice to watch Juli share. She stayed a couple of days, we explored my town, I showed her around and we have some beautiful, very healing and intimate conversations. I got to bring her to a health talk by boss at the time was giving and it was just awesome, feeling a friendship form. Juli also knew how I felt about life and was so understanding and supportive.

I am not selling the essential oils but I still use them. My goal is to actually grow herbs and plants on the land I will be living on and use them as fresh as possible to make things like shampoos, soaps, cleaning products, sprays, etc.

A different perspective on being approached

One of the last things I want to share is that, it’s take a lot for a person to say yes to MLM/Network Marketing. And I was blessed to join a team that actually taught me how to approach people, not many businesses and teams have that and it’s unfortunate because I feel it leaves a bad taste for people, when some are offering the product right away. For me it brought awareness of how people want connection and want to feel heard and it was healing for me to get out of my comfort zone and chat with others. If I didn’t actually go through that experience and even be able to share this with you, who knows where my path would have taken me.

I know it’s frustrating to have someone try to sell you something and I always ask myself why is this coming up for me. I question what’s I’m asking for in life and I always know it’s an opportunity to share love. I recently decided to join Bumble business so I can just share that I’m a Doula but many people are on there because of a Network Marketing business and I use my experience to be honest. I am transparent and tell them I admire and appreciate you offering me this product but that’s not where I am at in life and I hope that you make connections and make your business happen.

I guess I’m trying to understand and be compassion instead of spreading more hate and frustration into the world. If you are approached… okay cool, you can say Yes or NO, or see what’s possible in the in between.

LOL something else that came up for me was like “omg they only reached out to me because of this business and not because they actually like me or want to get to know me” but I realized I was attached of having a like fairy tale like friendships… when in reality the start of friendships can be so different and unique!

I love asking this….why is there so much resistance about MLM. I am not saying join, it’s not for everyone but it feels like another division. I wouldn’t join another one because I moving away from consumerism and it’s difficult for me to find a product that truly aligns with me and honestly that aligns with Mother Earth.

Again being honest here, I don’t necessarily believe in Network Marketing companies anymore AND I also don’t really believe in the “normal” jobs, the 9 to 5, corporate corporations. I honestly am wanting a life on land where I don’t have to work, where I get to serve mamas giving birth and it feels more of a sisterhood and support system. I want to live on the land that takes care of me and shows me her abundance and the abundance I can create. I honestly am practicing of seeing and receiving abundance in other ways than just money. I mean money can be a beautiful thing and opportunity to heal but I will leave this for another blog or else I will go on another writing journey.

My dream and desire is that people know and feel there is abundance and gifts out that waiting to be received and waiting to be gifted. If that makes sense lol. My other dream is that people shift the way they may have viewed or identified something as negatively and maybe just be neutral about it. If MLM bothers you, than maybe feeling it as, okay it just is. It doesn’t have an effect on me and I don’t have to share my negativity around it.

I feel like I have so much more to say but still figuring out how to word it!

Anyways thank you for getting this far. I love you all so much. You are ABUNDANT.

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