My Theta healing experience…

OMG! So like two weeks ago I told Joey, I feel this hesitation, resistance, a block subconsciously that is preventing me from having that feeling of “I want to live on land.”

I know that I desire that and I could feel it in my system that I was blocking that dream and desire. I told him because I knew I wanted to figure out what it was, I wanted to become aware and remove whatever belief I created. I also knew that speaking the want to heal this into existence, that it would happen.

A few days later I went to my friend Laura’s birthday party. I was hanging with my friend Shaina and she mentioned that our friend Michelle would be coming and I was like WHAT? No way. I was excited to see her.

Sometime during the party we were sitting next to each other and I asked her how her Theta training went and she told me she just graduated! So then she asked about me, what was going on and I told her about what came up about land and I know that something is holding me back.

Haha I love her so much, once I said it, she’s like LET’S MUSCLE TEST IT! If you don’t know what muscle testing it, look it up.

She spent about an hour asking me questions, muscle testing, asking me to say what was coming up during the process, and working on releasing the beliefs I created and fears on a Theta level. She can probably explain in more detail about it but it was amazing.

I realized that the block/fear was this thought that I would be killed, murdered on land. I may have been killed on the land I lived on in my past lives and it could have happened to my ancestors so it was in my DNA. Then that lead to me telling her that I have a tough time nurturing plants and gardening and that was because when I was younger my dad and I used to garden together. One day I heard him calling my mom’s name in the yard and I found him as he was having a stroke after that day there wasn’t gardening and I blocked the memories, I only know them because of photos. So she made me aware that I had this belief that gardening, plants, land was like a bad omen, so I stayed away. I also watched this stupid scary movie when I was younger and after watching it I remember saying, “I don’t know how people live so far apart from each other and I could never live where I can’t see if someone is watching me from the outside.” CRAZY!! She removed these beliefs and changed them to know that I am safe and that I can be nurturing.

I wanted to also share something she said. When I told her about the movie, she’s like yeah it’s crazy what the minds does and convinces of. (Something like that!) So I’m been more aware of what I am watching and where I could create beliefs, so I am removing myself of personifying with the characters and story lines.

Since that day, it’s been so easy to take time out of the day to manifest land and what I envision on it, it’s exciting to dream about it. And as far as gardening and plants, I have been more interested. I started watching some you tube videos on plant care and just been more aware of the plants in the home.

Something else her gift of Theta healing helped me with was tapping into my intuition but specifically when I feel “doubt” or this sense of swaying back and forth. I had this fear when I felt doubt, she helped me see it as curiosity, just like a child would day dream and imagine. Instead of fearing my self doubt, it’s an opportunity that I have power in the awareness in it and I can take time for myself and I am strong enough to know what is true to me. And also know that it’s okay and it can be fun to be playful with the curiosity.

After this session, I have been even more expressive and just sharing my fears. It’s actually fun to speak about my fears and have opportunities to show up, be vulnerable and work on them. Ah it’s like I am finding the words to express the excitement of this healing.

I know I may have not been as descriptive but Michelle made me feel safe during the process and her excitement about the experience, made it so fun for me. I knew that what she was doing, the space she was holding was having an impact on me and I was also so excited what removing those blocks and beliefs would now invite in. I can tell you that I have this confidence in myself, it’s been easier to manifest and easier to tune back into my heart when I feel off.

I am sharing my experience especially to help my friend manifest her dreams of sharing her gifts and opening up her own healing practice. I believe in her so much and her gifts, I would love others to know about it and even get to experience it some day. And it wasn’t like she was doing all the healing, she was guiding me and reminding me that the healing is within me, she was a beautiful vessel to clear my vessels of those unwanted beliefs, fears, etc.

So thank you Michelle. I am so excited for you and that your beautiful energy will reach many people and that it will remind them of their own beautiful energy. You reminded me of that as well. I love you.

Also, everyone has their own sacred medicine to provide to others. I want to share this experience was so fun and easy. Some other experiences with people may not be as pleasant but it’s still medicine and opportunity for healing and awareness.

MMM everything and one is sacred medicine.

I love you all.

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