Thoughts/Feeling during my Moon Time…

I am bleeding right now. I am on my moon time. I am synced up with the Full Moon’s energy.

I am starting to love and enjoy saying that I am bleeding. What an honor to bleed. Women bleed, they shed this blood without having to be “injured”. How freaking magical is that?

When I would get my moon in high school, I remember my friends having cramps and I would rarely get any but I would get super hyper. Yesterday on the way home from the market, I was so hyped up, I couldn’t stop talking.

I’ve been wanting to take it slow but I have been on my phone. Something women, society… people in general don’t talk about is that a woman on her moon, that is bleeding should take it slow, take this time to rest, relax, go within and reflect.

This time, is an opportunity for connection to our womb, to Mother Earth, to receive beautiful messages and share the wisdom that flows through us.

The symptoms we get during this time are messages and signs. If I am cramping a lot or feeling nausea while I am bleeding that is an indication that I may have been doing too much during the month or there may have been something, a person, a situation that wasn’t serving me or aligning with me.

I saw a friend on Instagram collective her blood in a jar and gift it to the earth. So I decided to do the same this time. I started a day behind but better late than never. I want to see how much I collective and observe the color of my blood.

Why is this time a woman is bleeding not honored? Back in the day women mostly bleed during the Full Moon and they would all go to the Red Tent where they would be away from men and gather as sisters. They would bleed, express, share, have time with women and bring back the wisdom they received and give it to the community, the village. (If anyone knows more about this or I am wrong, please correct me and share).

I’m at the beginning of this journey of honoring my blood and learning the ancient ways. I could initially feel my disgust with collecting my blood. Crazy to feel that, that shame. My blood is beautiful, it’s my shedding and detoxing of this past month.

Women bleed to release! Men can’t do that…. they need to work out, get their energy out in other ways. WOMEN FUCKING BLEED. MAGIC. PURE MAGIC.

I love this time of the month more and more. I used to dread getting my “period” back in the day. Now I know that I get to rest and observe what comes up during this time.

I’ll be taking a course called Sisters of the Moon that starts in week, where I will be learning more about my moon cycles. I am quite excited that I said yes to this.

Also, I’m experiencing this time more as a holiday and retreat where I get to stay home, sit on the couch, have my heating pad and some tea, snuggle in, watch a movie, cry, feel, eat some delicious chocolate and just be.

It’s as feel this time during the month, makes me feel even more and makes me wiser. I feel as if I am on another dimension or planet sometimes. Mmm.

One day when I am living on land, I am going to lay on the ground and bleed. No need for my period underwear or my div cup, I will just sit with a towel, by my fairy mystical garden and share my blood with Mother Earth.

Blood. Sacred Blood, thank you.

Wow, I just got emotional. One day I will not have my blood, for instance when I am pregnant and breastfeeding. I know I will miss my blood during those days and it feels so good feeling that. I hear some women say they are happy they don’t have their “period”, I used to say that. There was a about a year and a half that I didn’t get my moon because I was working out too much, barely eating and not really loving myself.

I don’t think I knew it back then but when my blood finally came back, I was happy. Somewhere in my soul I knew that something was going on when I wasn’t bleeding for that year or so. But now it’s back and so regular!

One last thing I’d love to share is that I’ve noticed my moon change it’s syncing with the moon… a few cycles I’ll be synced with the Full Moon, then in between and then synced with the New Moon, it’s very interesting and cool to observe.

Well there you go ya’ll, I will be bleeding all this week and I’ll still be alive and thriving by the end of it. BOOM!

Love you!

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