Asking for support…

I was hesitating writing this post and asking for support… financially.

There is a two day Doula course on November 28th and 29th. I’ve been feeling like I resonate with the Doula that is leading the workshop and wanting to learn more about being a Birth worker and even connect with more sisters in this community.

So a few months ago I decided to post on social media for some donations towards my Doula journey. I was surprised with how much I got. I was able to buy some herbs for mamas, a couple Rebozos and purchase a workshop called Spinning Babies.

The Spinning Babies course got cancelled and I was refunded. I was going to use that money towards this other course. Well that money went towards some bills. AND the Spinning Babies course got rescheduled.

Anyway, I am up to put the Spinning Babies on my credit card and pay that in time but the other workshop I will not be able to put it on the credit card.

So here I am asking for support. I actually got some money today for teaching a friend’s daughter Spanish! I know abundance is coming in. I will actually start working at a Plant based restaurant but it will be starting the following week.

I am open to receiving some money to pay for this workshop. It is 300$ and I have 140$ as of now. If you are local to me in Florida, I am up to help anyone with their gardening, or if you would like to express yourself, I’m also open holding space and listening.

I’m so thankful for the support I got last time and this time I would like to honor people’s money by donating some of my time.

The reason I was hesitating was because I had this fear I would be judged for asking for money. I know I am worthy of being supported and I know that I will continue supporting others whenever I can whether that’s financially, help with their children, providing fruits and veggies, giving someone a ride, etc.

Anyways, if you feel called to help me I will provide my Venmo or you can message me if you use zelle or PayPal. Also, please let me know in what way I can donate my time or how I could provide a service for the abundance you have gifted me.

Thank you and I love you!

Venmo: @Karina-Perafan

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  1. Hey there! I could send you $20 but my Venmo account is frozen, I haven’t been able to get them to unlock it. Do you have PayPal or Zelle?

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