My WORD for the year

Ever since a friend send out an email about figuring out a word for the year, I’ve been noticing that several people have actually been focusing on a word or a few words.

I mentioned it to another friend and he said that his word for last year was Courage. Interesting because that was one of the words on my list that I was choosing from. When he said that, I didn’t realize that people focused on a word.

I know many people have resolutions, create vision boards… and I’m sure I have heard of people having one word but didn’t bother to pay attention at the time.

When the email said to pick ONE word, I’ll be honest, it felt overwhelming. My friend and Herbalist, April that I will be taking Herbs as Teachers workshop from, provided several questions that were helpful in deciding your word. I will share her instagram post where she provides the questions as well.

The questions were simple and powerful. Of course, I made a list of some words because there were several I wanted to focus on and one specific was always towards the top of the list. By always, I mean I actually made like 3 lists!

And the moment you have been waiting for…… (I hope you hear the drum rolls or at least I hear myself making the noise haha).

My word for 2021 is:


One of the questions that really helped me narrow it down to this word was ” “

I thought back to 2020 when I finished my Doula Training and decided to start a 21 day cleanse soon after. Our friend Soma explained this deeper meaning to this cleanse. Basically that our intestines hold lots of fear and programming and part of the process of this cleanse was to release this. At the time I also decided to take a break from social media and I felt on top of the world. There was no fear, I just trusted. I felt courageous and brave and I felt CONFIDENT in myself. I feel confident that I was able to do it and that I would learn during each birth and in-between.


I will do all things with CONFIDENCE. I will learn with confidence; if I mess up, I will be confident that needed to happen; I am confident in my journey; I am confident in myself.

We are only a week into 2021 and it’s been really nice to have this word to come back to.

I also realized in 2020 I decided on a word even though it wasn’t till about mid year but it was AUTHENTICITY. That was the word I was go back to every time.

April also mentioned how the words will build on each other and I totally feel that already. Part of me is still carrying authenticity with me. It is actually and having that confidence, I feel I am stepping more and more in that authenticity within myself.

As I am writing this, I believe that is why I choose confidence. As I was stepping into my authenticity and releasing being a people pleaser and needing to be liked, I felt I had to be confident in my decision of being me. I was learning my true “NO’s” and my true “YES’S”. I actually felt another layer of my inner child. I was messing around with saying NO to things that I actually wanted but I wanted to try it out and see how I felt.

I had a friend over around my birthday and she had her 2 and a half year young daughter with her. I noticed that she would say NO to almost everything but even though she said no to somethings she still wanted to do them. I was intrigued and inspired to integrate this.

Anyways…. I’m blabbing now. This may be for another blog!

Also, if you were curious about my list, here it is..

  • Confidence
  • Courageous or brave
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity (didn’t realize that this was my word for part of 2020)
  • Integrity
  • Intuition
  • Trust
  • Fierce
  • Worthy

I’m excited to go back to this word as my prayer and intention for 2021.

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