What if we are all related more by water than by blood?

I attend a Water Ceremony here in South Florida the first Saturday of every month. In this Water Ceremony, we bless a container of water. In those two hours, we meditate, sing, and the person who hosts it, shares beautiful wisdom about Water.

One thing she says is “We have more water in our bodies than blood, so what if we were all related by water. Everyone would be our family, the plants, the animals. What if we treated everyone as if they were our family?”

Something I may have shared in a previous post is that whenever I feel angry, frustrated, hurt or triggered by someone, sometimes it’s easier to envision them as a child and go even further, imagine that they were my child. If my child showed me anger and was mean to me, sure maybe I would react and say something I didn’t really mean back AND I would still love them and do my best to understand where they are coming from.

A saying that bothered me was “Family First” or “Blood is thicker than Water”, AND “Blood makes you related; Loyalty makes you family” that didn’t sit right with me, it didn’t resonate. I am realizing it didn’t resonate because the people that were saying it were somehow creating separation between others and sometimes even their own family members. What I was hearing is that no body else mattered. Now if everyone was considered family, then I feel we would treat one another differently.

I am learning to have love for other people that I don’t know. When a stranger makes me angry or triggers an emotion in me, it’s not that person, it’s actually feelings, emotions that are already in my body, that I am already walking around with. So, instead of cursing someone out or being angry at someone cutting you off in traffic, that’s an opportunity to say, THANK YOU FAMILY, you just showed me what I am holding onto inside. And envision this “stranger” or family member giving you a gift, an awareness and sending them off with gratitude and love.

This world gets to have more love. I am just sharing my experience and I am still working on it.

Practice it in small ways like when you are driving or at work with your co-workers. If someone triggers you and you feel sad, angry, anxious, envision them as a child, as if they are learning to express themselves and what they did or said just brought something up in you. If there were your little brother or sister, would you hold on to a grudge and be mad at them forever, most of the time, probably not.

I wanted to share another important part, is just because I am practicing loving others and having compassion that doesn’t mean I like them or have to have these people around. I have clear boundaries and the more I protect my energy the more I can actually have love for others. Sometimes some people can be really mean or also have lots of anger inside of them, the best thing I can do is create space between us and send them off with love. Envisioning them with joy, health, wealth, love, it’s take time and it’s not as easier as I say but I feel it way better than saying hateful things about them or talking to drama about them to your friends.

Lastly, at Water Ceremony we practice Ho’oponopono prayer. It’s a prayer for forgiveness. Even if the other person isn’t coming to you to ask for forgiveness, one can practice this to create forgiveness in oneself.

Sometimes if someone triggered me during the day, before bed I will say this prayer and include their name and have gratitude for them.

[Name] I’m sorry

[Name] Please forgive me

[Name] Thank you

[Name] I love you

I hope this shorter blog brought you some more love in your life. I am considering making shorter blogs and sharing more of my experiences and wisdom. I haven’t been writing as much and I feel it’s time for me to write again and fill this world with love and healthy relating.

Peace and love, always.



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