Mother Earth is a BADASS…

Yup. You read that correctly and I will say it again. Mother Earth is a Badass, a WARRIOR and NURTURER!

I was laying in bed and I was thinking about a post someone shared and even other posts I have seen the last couple of weeks. I actually deleted my Instagram and Facebook app but I went on it yesterday on my browser very briefly. I saw someone share about what is going on with the fires in Oregon and the energy I got from some of her sentences was rage, frustration, hate towards some people and the president. Which is totally the experience she gets to have but some interesting thoughts began to arise.

Before I get into this post I wanted to share something. I acknowledge that I have a different perspective than most, that I get to see the world from a bird’s eye view and that I usually come from a child’s perspective, a blank slate at times and a place of love. I know we all have unique ways of seeing and experiencing the world. I also wanted to mention that this feeling and view that I have right here, right now could change, it could evolve, I could even question myself. I guess I am really practicing embodying that everything is meant to happen, that nothing is good or bad, we get to choose how to feel about it. And that I could feel one way right now and another way in two minutes.

What I am saying, even though I have experienced rage and maybe some hate from this person’s post, I am still seeing them at their highest potential. That their emotions and experience is divine, that this person isn’t always going to be in rage, that this person will use this experience as healing and an opportunity for love and inspiration to do beautiful things. (Funny there is still some expectation in those sentences, what I am saying is that her experience and emotions will change, that’s it.) And the thing is, this person’s post was a beautiful expression of what she was going through and it may have been the perfect post for someone else to read to have a completely different experience than I am!

So the gift that I received from reading her post was acknowledging that I still have some judgement when people express anger and I’m learning to hold space and love people no matter what. My heart is full of love and understanding. This has been my prayer for the last two weeks.

The other thing that I personally got from her post is that she is upset with what was happening to Mother Earth, that she is suffering and said something that our president doesn’t give a crap.

What I got out from it was like, yeah some messed up things are happening. There parts of the world where fires are burning and killing trees, wild life, homes. It really does make me sad. This reminds me of when I became vegan. I remember watching videos of animals being tortured and killed and I was just crying and crying. I had some rage and hate towards the people doing this to the animals and even was confused how I ever ate animal products or how anyone else can.

Even though I can feel this rage, I am also quick to turn this into love and compassion and forgiveness. I didn’t want to send even more hate to these people, I wanted to love them and have understanding of their experience. For someone to kill animal after animal, I know there’s something deeper going on with this person and adding more hate or anger towards this person is not my answer. I will stand in love, I will love this person’s spirit.

Mother Earth…. even though she is suffering and I am sure she is sad and is upset about the shit we do, she still keeps going on. She is a freaking BADASS WARRIOR GODDESS. After everything we have done to her, we haven’t been the nicest to her, we haven’t been conscious or intentional. We have been harsh and haven’t even acknowledged her. But OUR Mother Earth keeps loving us, she keeps providing fruits and food to give us nourishment. She stills gives us hope with new life. Just outside my backyard, there are baby ducks, baby coots, we even had a BABY IGUANA come into our home yesterday. There is still so much life.

I could be completely wrong about this but the feeling and vision I get from Mother Earth is that yeah she may be upset that all her children are bickering back and forth but she still smiling down at us. Watching us, loving us, forgiving us, nurturing us and sharing her compassion with us.

I guess I’m choosing to really feel what a f*cking rock star Mother Earth is. I mean think about people who have “suffered”, have had traumas but they have survived and found the will to go on, healed, remember who they are and than have motivated others to do the same. What about a freaking dog… there are dogs that have been mistreated but they still keep coming back, wagging their tails, they are so loving and forgiving. Mother Earth is grounded, nothing is truly going to shake her, she is here to stay.

I could sit here and think poor Mother Earth and be upset with myself for causing this. I am choosing to love myself and forgive myself and that I get to do better. Honestly, writing this post is motivating me to be the same Badass Mother Earth is!

I was actually thinking about people that don’t want to have children. I totally honor that but I really wonder if they even interact with children because I feel that’s what our world needs. Viewing all children as our own. We are all Mother Earth’s children!!!! Can we do the same and view children as our own, adults as our brothers and sisters? My friend asked me to teach her daughter Spanish, at first I was like WHAT? Now, I am seeing it as a blessing AND opportunity to take that one hour a week, to embody her daughter as my own daughter AND I get to go outside in nature with her. I get to teach her how to say I love you Mother Earth in Spanish. (Te amo Pachamama). I have the chance to share loving and forgiving ways to connect with oneself and Mother Earth.

Another thing that came up was shame. I realized when huge things happen or there are activists trying to make a change, for some reason the energy of shame comes up. I know that I have changed my ways or participated in things because I was shamed or felt like I would be shamed if I wasn’t doing it. At that moment, shame was still a gift but I could tell that most of the things I did when I felt shamed were because I was a people pleaser and wanted to be liked. So essentially I wasn’t doing it authentically either!

I’m not sure if people are doing this but I am moving away from shaming people that they have to make a change to “save” the planet. Instead I just share what is working for me and most of the time the reason I am doing something is because I saw someone else doing it, they inspired me. I wasn’t force or it wasn’t an obligation. I am going to be as intentional and conscious with Mother Earth as I can be right now, I know that will continue to change and evolve, I also know I may mess up here and there.

I also wanted to briefly mention how others sharing how to connect to Mother Earth is an invitation for others to do the same. I went to a drum circle last week and one of the sisters I was with said, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to say hello to the Ocean.” My friend Michelle and I thought that was so awesome, before I decided to dance, I told Michelle that I wanted to go say hi to the Ocean as well. Now there were three woman acknowledging the water. How cool is that?! And this sister never told me I had to greet the ocean, it was just because she was so excited to do so that got me excited to do the same!

And on the topic of Mother Earth being a Badass. I am sure that if she ever wanted to she could easily have us all killed off with some storm or natural disaster and she could just start over fresh without us. I’m also okay with her doing that is she ever decided to. But I honestly think she loves us all so much. Mother Earth is such an amazing demonstration of how I want to be a mother to my children and even practicing with children that are not my own.

Mother Earth is strong, resilient. She is fierce and powerful, she is also gentle and kind. She is so giving, she is nurturing. She shares her rage and anger and she shares her joy, her laughter and playfulness. Mother Earth is young and sexy, she is also very wise and been here longer than any of us. Mother Earth, you are pretty freaking cool.

Here is an invitation to plant your bare feet on Mother Earth, close your eyes and give her some love. Begin walking and with every step that you take plant your dreams and desires, plant love and gratitude. Or connect with her however it feels best for you to do. We all have a unique relationship with her.

I am going to take my own advice now! I love you all.

Pachamama, I’m Sorry

Pachamama, Please forgive me

Pachamama, Thank you

Pachamama, I love you

Blessings and gratitude to you.

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